Duane Morris' duo, Aleksander J. Goranin (left) and David J. Wolfsohn
Duane Morris’ duo, Aleksander J. Goranin (left) and David J. Wolfsohn (Photo by Nanette Kardaszesk)

Wolfsohn and Goranin

David J. Wolfsohn, a member of intellectual property boutique Woodcock Washburn’s policy committee, left the firm in October 
with Aleksander J. Goranin, the chair of the firm’s litigation practice, to join Duane Morris.

Duane Morris Chairman John J. Soroko said at the time that the addition of Wolfsohn and Goranin strengthened the litigation component of the firm’s Philadelphia intelletual property presence, which until that point had tended more toward transactional IP work.

Soroko had said having greater IP litigation capabilities so close to the Delaware federal courts is also a plus, and that Wolfsohn and Goranin are among the “best of the breed” of IP 

The departure of Wolfsohn and Goranin came about a month before word leaked that Woodcock Washburn and Baker & Hostetler were in merger discussions. The two firms ended up moving forward with that merger in January of this year.

Duane Morris hired Wolfsohn and Goranin several months after opening up an IP-focused office in the Silicon Valley.

Soroko had said he anticipated Wolfsohn and Goranin being “extremely active” in the Silicon Valley office.

Wolfsohn had said that while there are benefits to the IP boutique model, he and Goranin were interested in joining a firm with a larger cadre of litigators than they had at Woodcock Washburn. Goranin had said that when a client is demanding a quick turnaround on a matter, being able to ramp up staffing is important and often difficult to accomplish at a small firm.