In the Legal’s corporate governance supplement, articles focus on forecasting risk, joining a public company’s board and other topics.

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How to Engage the Business to Forecast Compliance Risk
Each year, compliance departments try to figure out how to allocate limited resources across their program. Risk assessments help. Read more

So You’re Thinking of Joining a Public Company Board
Candidates for directorships on public company boards have much to consider. Read more

Limiting Competition From Ex-Employees in the U.S., Latin America
Like toothpaste squeezed from the tube, corporate goodwill, trade secrets and confidential business information are virtually impossible to recover once stolen by a former employee. Read more

For-Profit Education Institutions Face a Volatile and Uncertain Future
For-profit education, a sector that generates $30 billion in annual revenues, has become increasingly volatile, having fallen victim to a number of economic and legal pressures that have eroded enrollment in for-profit schools by 16 percent between 2007 and 2014, and continues to drop, with some companies facing enrollment declines up to 50 percent. Read more

The Evolution of Fiduciary Duties Under Delaware Law
With the vast number of corporations in New York and other states in the United States that are incorporated in Delaware, the judicial pronouncements of Delaware courts on director duties are of great importance to directors and attorneys advising boards of directors. Read more