Elected and Appointed

Min Suh, a shareholder in Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart‘s Philadelphia office, was selected for inclusion in the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity Fellows Program.

Jeffrey D. McShane, information technology director at Flaster Greenberg, was selected by the International Legal Technology Association to serve as co-city representative for its Philadelphia chapter.

McShane directs, leads and oversees implementation of the firm’s technology systems.


Joseph D. Capitan of Martin LLC was a faculty member at a CLE program "Social Security Disability: From Start to Finish" on February 13 and 14 at the Radisson Plaza Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia.

Jerry Lehocky and Thomas Giordano Jr., partners with Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano, were guests on CBS‘s Talk Philly.

Lehocky and Giordano discussed how they empower their clients using education and what someone’s first step should be when getting injured on the job, or in applying for Social Security disability.

Jennifer Brandt, a member of Cozen O’Connor‘s family law practice group, was a presenter at the Pennsylvania Bar Association‘s midyear meeting in St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles.

Brandt, along with David Ladov, co-chair of the firm’s family law practice, were panelists for the session "Social Media Hot Topics: Dealing With the High-Profile Client Contemplating Divorce."


William P. Bresnahan II is now a principal of Dickie McCamey & Chilcote, concentrating on real estate litigation.


Benjamin’s Desk, Hire an Esquire and a growing number of lawyers, law firms and local businesses are collaborating on a "FirmUp Weekend."

From March 22-24, lawyers are set to join teams and collaborate to build a novel law firm concept within a weekend, with the goal of teaching lawyers how to build and launch an efficient, tech-forward law firm and how to think more entrepreneurially.

The event is scheduled to be hosted at 1701 Walnut St., Philadelphia. •


The following is a portion of a list of pro bono volunteers who assisted thePhiladelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts in 2012:

• C. Fredrick Koenig

• Donald W. Kramer

• Robert M. Kramer

• Robert Krandel

• Jaime M. Kulick

• Greg Kuroda

• Chad Kurtz

• Richard A. Kwait

• Michael R. Labovitz

• Sayde J. Ladov

• Christopher S. Lam

• Lori Landew

• Scott F. Landis

• Jana M. Landon

• Robert Lane Jr.

• Michele Langer

• David Douglas


• Paul Lantieri

• Troy Larson

• Francis J. Lawall

• Kristen Lawfer

• Robert LeFevre

• Walter G. Lehmann

• Marc Leone

• Jacqueline Lesser

• Bruce G. Leto

• Naomi Levecchia

• Allison J. Levy

• Steven M. Levy

• Alan Lewine

• Dina Leytes

• Mark A. Lieberman

• Philip A. Lights

• Kimberly M.


• Deborah A. Logan

• Erin Loucks

• Robert Louis

• Michael L. Lovitz

• Romola O. Lucas

• John P. Luneau

• Patrick MacAvoy

• Cheryl D. Maddox

• William J. Maffucci

• Joshua M. Marks

• Thomas Marrone

• William Marsden

• Madeline M. Martin

• Daniel Marut

• Susan A. Maslow

• Christian Mattioli

• Jeffrey B. Matzkin

• Patricia M. Mayer

• Michael McAndrew

• Daniel L. McAuliffe

• Michael J. McCaney Jr.

• Karen McCann


• Joseph R. McClure

• Dennis McCooe

• Mark G. McCreary

• Sean McCusker

• Kevin G. McDonald

• Christine McGuigan

• Vincent McGuinness

• Joseph J. McHale

• Maura E. McKenna

• Joseph McNamara

• Jay Meadway

• Aneesh Mehta

• Raina S. Mehta

• Louise Melchor

• Phillip T. Mellet

• Peter Meltzer

• Mark Merkel

• James R. Meyer

• Judith Meyer

• Jeffrey Meyers

• Jo Ann Miles

• Corinne Militello

• Alan C. Milstein

• Jeffrey S. Moller

• Ria C. Momblanco

• Marcus E. Montejo

• Julie Montgomery

• Joshua A. Mooney

• Monique M. Mooney

• Thomas Moore

• Manuella Morais

• Bonnie Smith Moses

• Adrienne Moss

• Steven B. Moss

• Denise Mroz

• W. Mark Mullineaux

• Mariah Murphy

• Megan Celeste


• Jon H. Muskin

• Ted Naccarella

• Alan Nadel

• Daniel Nadel

• Stephanie W. Naidoff

• Michael J. Needleman

• Kathy E. Ochroch

• Beatrice O’Donnell

• Frances M. Odza

• Christopher Olszyk

• James J. Orlow

• Charles R. Osinski

• Vincent T. Pace

• Kate Paine

• Harsinie W.


• Armando A. Pandola

• Maria Lisa Panichelli

• John Papianou

• Thea Parent

• Gene Park

• Crispino M. Pastore

• Ann C. Pearl

• Timothy D. Pecsenye

• Jacqueline Penrod

• Starr L. Peoples

• Daniel A. Pepper

• Victor Perlman

• Dwight Peterson

• Shannon Petty

• Joanne Phillips

• Leigh A. Pires

• Jennifer Platzkere


• Lisa F. Pliskin

• Gerard A. Plourde

• Manny D. Pokotilow

• Roslyn G. Pollack

• Scott Pollins