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Same-sex marriage bans were overturned in Pennsylvania and Oregon this week. Both states chose not to appeal the rulings, bringing the total number of states in which same-sex marriage is legal to 19.


The number of current lawsuits between Apple and Google. Last week, the two tech giants announced that they would drop all pending lawsuits that exist directly between them. The ceasefire does not include Google’s Android partner Samsung, whose smartphone battle with Apple rages on.


Norm Ornstein suggests that Supreme Court justices should be limited to serving 18-year terms. Just a guess: There are at least nine people in this country who likely disagree.


Eight retired players have filed a lawsuit against the National Football League for using painkillers and medications to mask injuries


The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced this week that, for the first time, it paid an anonymous whistleblower $240,000 for a tip. Under a two-year-old program established under the Dodd-Frank Act, tipsters who share information with the CFTC that leads to a sanction of over $1 million can reap between 10% and 30% of the money collected. Looks like sometimes it pays off to speak truth to power.



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