Ho-Hum Hiring for Recent Batch of Law School Graduates

Ho-hum hiring. That’s the upshot of the current job market for the nearly 40,000 law students graduating each year in the United States. Clearly the recession doldrums are over, but so are the banner years of associate onboarding—and perhaps for good, considering changes in technology and outsourcing that have made obsolete many associate tasks of the past.
Here, we break down the information to show you the firms that are hiring the most, the law schools from which those firms recruit to fill their associate ranks, how to achieve the right associate-firm fit, and, importantly, trends in pay. We also share some good news about hiring in specific markets and some troubles firms have suffered after raising associate salaries to stay competitive.
Whether you’re a law student, recent graduate or practicing lawyer in need of associate-hiring information, Law.com brings it all together for you here.