Overcoming the Presumption of Paternity
Is genetic testing the new standard, or merely “best interest of the child” by another name?
By Robert Kornitzer and Tadd J. Yearing

Navigating Palimony Law in 2013
How to assist clients through this nebulous yet increasingly restrictive area of law
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Retained Earnings: Prudent Business Practice or Support Dodge?
It depends, and in the context of a divorce it can make a big difference
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Keeping It Out of the Marital Pot
FLPs, QPRTs and other vehicles to protect assets from divorce
By Myrna L. Wigod

The Seven Golden Rules of Effective Parenting Coordination
Helping highly adversarial couples negotiate child-related issues
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Setting Rules and Reining in Emotional Clients
Establishing and respecting boundaries makes everyone happier
By Lisa Shapson