Gordon & Rees lawyers returned to their lower Manhattan offices last week at 90 Broad St. after being displaced for months by Hurricane Sandy. Air quality and mold spore concerns prevented the firm from moving in earlier, said Mercedes Colwin, managing partner of the New York office. But the office on the 23rd floor was recently given a clean bill of health, Colwin said. "Our experts went in and said there were no issues," she said. "We are thrilled" to be back.

The 530-lawyer firm founded in San Francisco has nearly 20 lawyers in New York. The office is still experiencing Verizon phone troubles, and in the meantime, calls to the firm’s New York office are being rerouted to Connecticut, New Jersey and Long Island offices, Colwin noted. "It was frustrating, just personally challenging," she said about being displaced, "but it didn’t affect our services." The firm’s lawyers had been temporarily working at 1040 Avenue of the Americas.