To determine which law firms represent America’s largest corporations, ALM Research consulted Lexis CounselLink and other public records to identify outside counsel used by Fortune 100 corporations in seven key litigation areas.

For contracts litigation, we included categories such as insurance and contract products liability, while for torts litigation we included personal injury and personal property. Included in our labor litigation search categories were the Fair Labor Standards Act and other labor-related suits, while intellectual property litigation encompassed copyrights, patents and trademarks.

We conducted this survey during July and August, looking at the previous calendar year (January to December 2012).

On the main chart, we included firms with one or more mentions in contracts, labor, torts and IP litigation, and labor & employment, securities and patent prosecution areas.

Although we generally focus on NLJ 350-size firms, we do include smaller firms that may have an unusual amount of activity in any one or multiple natures of suit areas.