The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is undertaking a major review of the disclosure requirements for public companies, opening an opportunity to home in on material information of true value to investors. In this special report, we offer some ideas about what the SEC should look for, plus guidance for companies implementing global compliance regimes and a cautionary tale for major law firms that was ripped from the daily news headlines.

Companies Bury Information in Plain Sight
As it reviews reporting requirements, SEC would do well to consider what investors really need to know.

The First Step is Understanding Risk Environment
International corruption investigations show importance of drafting and enforcing compliance regimes.

Dewey: Don’t Let it Happen to Your Law Firm
Dewey & LeBoeuf’s collapse offers a grim example to other major law firms about failed oversight.

Employers May Come to Regret Seeking Narrow Definition of ‘Whistleblower’
Corporations must create and then protect a culture of integrity in which employees are treated as allies, not foes.