Starting next summer, the University of Michigan Law School will provide a $5,000 stipend for second-year law students interning with qualified government or public interest organizations.

Called the Public Service Guarantee, the program aims to continue the law school’s history of supplying trained lawyers to the public and nonprofit sectors. In announcing the program, the law school pointed out that many internships in the nonprofit, public interest and government fields often provide little or no funding.

“A public service guarantee would have made a big difference for me when I was in law school,” Cindy Cohn, legal director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a 1989 Michigan Law graduate, said in a news release.

“Instead of spending my summers at firms because I couldn’t afford to work for free, I could have had a foot in the door to a public interest job much sooner. This is wonderful news, because it gives public service students the experience that will help them secure a competitive post-graduate position.”

The law school said it will continue its Dean’s Public Service Fellowships, with selected second-year students receiving a beefed-up $7,000 summer stipend starting next summer.