Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr.
Fulton County District Attorney Paul L. Howard, Jr. (Alison Church/Freelance)

A letter from Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard granting one of his prosecutors a leave of absence to star in a reality television dating show wound up on the TMZ website today.

Howard’s letter grants a temporary unpaid leave to Fulton County Assistant District Attorney Andi Dorfman, who has appeared on ABC’s “The Bachelor” for the past eight weeks in a series of previously taped programs. In the Feb. 25 program, Dorfman left the show, telling the bachelor he talked too much about himself, asked no questions about her and couldn’t stop mentioning his other girlfriends. Her confrontation with former Venezuelan professional soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis made her a hit with the audience of eight million viewers and a favorite to star in the network’s new season of “The Bachelorette.” The show has announced plans to name the new bachelorette March 10 on the “After the Final Rose” live broadcast. “The Bachelorette” series is to be pre-recorded and aired this summer.

“As I mentioned to you before, although this request is highly unusual, because you are a valued member of the District Attorney’s Office I am willing to grant your request, albeit with certain caveats,” Howard’s letter says. The stipulations are that the leave is unpaid, starts Feb. 20 and ends May 31.

“I am willing to hold your position open until you return,” Howard’s letter continues. “I wish you the best of luck while you participate in this program.”

Calls to Howard were referred to his public affairs office, which sent this note: “Mr. Howard does not have a comment on the matter at this time. We appreciate your inquiry.”