Atlanta lawyer Andi Dorfman has been surrounded by plenty of drama lately, not so much in the courtroom as on her dates with “The Bachelor” on ABC’s weekly reality show.

As of last night, she has survived four weeks on the pre-recorded show with the bachelor, former professional soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis. She is back at work on her day job in Atlanta as a Fulton County assistant district attorney, and can’t make any comments until the “Bachelor” series concludes, according to District Attorney Paul Howard’s public information officer.

Her “bachelorette bio” on says her greatest accomplishment is becoming an attorney, and that one of her most outrageous acts was “getting a murderer convicted in eight minutes.”

Her State Bar of Georgia membership listing says she was admitted in 2012 and has a law degree from Wake Forest University.

For those who’ve been too busy to keep up, here’s a recap of her outside-the-courtroom activities. On air, the show identifies her only as Andi, 26, Atlanta assistant district attorney.

Week 1. A total of 27 ladies in evening gowns arrive at the “bachelor mansion” to meet Juan Pablo. When Andi steps out of the limousine, he says, “Wow.” When they chat later, she tells him she’s a lawyer but assures him she doesn’t like to read. Or argue. But she’s kidding, at least about the second part, she adds. After the first weekly cocktail party, he offers her a rose–along with 18 other contestants, which means they stay for another week. He sends nine home.

Week 2. On a “group date”–meaning one bachelor and half a dozen women–in Los Angeles, Andi and another contestant are asked to pose nude for a photo shoot to benefit a homeless shelter for pets. The other contestant, a school teacher, fears wrecking her career and so swaps places with a self-described “free spirit” contestant who is happy to oblige. Andi is reluctant but goes through with it after Juan Pablo assures her he’ll be there by her side. And he is–in between the two women. But not to worry, State Bar of Georgia, they women are strategically covered in “adopt me” signs. Andi is well covered by a good sized puppy on her lap. And, according to her Twitter feed, she wasn’t really nude but clothed in neutral colored underwear. For the effort, she gets another rose.

Week 3. Andi goes on another group date, this time to play soccer with Juan Pablo and a team of women. She gets a moment alone with him in an empty concession stand. They kiss. Later she and other girls watch from the stands as he kisses another contestant–in the middle of the soccer field. She expresses some disappointment at the sight, but at the end of the evening, she accepts another rose.

Week 4, Jan. 27. The remaining contestants travel to Seoul, South Korea, where Andi goes on another group date–six women, one man. They dance in a studio, then walk the streets sampling food. Later Andi and another contestant from Atlanta (identified as Kelly, 27, dog lover) make fun of a woman who feigned choking on a tiny bite of octopus. Juan Pablo tells them he is not kissing anyone for fear that his 4-year-old daughter back in the states might disapprove of him kissing so many woman. (So far, six, he says.) But then he kisses one anyway–not Andi, but the octopus eater, Clare.) With Andi, he shares a get-to-know-each-other conversation, after which he declares her to be “perfect.” He says she “gets” his sense of humor. She gets a special date rose, which guarantees her a spot on next week’s show–25 minutes ahead of the other survivors of the cocktail party at the conclusion of the episode. He narrows down the number of contestants from 13 to 11, sending two home in tears.

So now you’re up to date. Stay tuned.