About The Global Elite

Why have ALM created the Global Elite Membership Group?

As an impartial third party, the ALM team has been inundated with requests to bring together the right people, at the right time, in the right place to share information and build trusted relationships.

We recognise that your clients’ global footprints are ever expanding, making it harder to simply rely on personal connections in order to provide them with the best advice. Why try and find the needle in the haystack if the Global Elite can deliver the best needle straight to you?

Who is invited?

Senior private client lawyers and private client dispute lawyers are handpicked to join the Global Elite membership group, based upon the Private Client Global Elite Directory recommendations that the Global Elite team have received.

Much like our Signature Events, the membership group will be strictly monitored to ensure the utmost quality.

Members also have the option to include their ‘Rising Star’ as a complimentary add-on to their membership. This Rising Star will join our rapidly growing Global Elite Ones To Watch membership group, consisting of the aspiring and inspiring private client leaders of tomorrow.

The Global Elite Membership Benefits

Members enjoy a large number of benefits and are given access to an eclectic programme built upon four pillars:

  1. Member Retreats: Forge and strengthen relationships in a prestigious environment that fuels both one’s intellect and one’s sensibilities. Participate in a wide variety of prominent forums and dining events across the globe at which you can network freely with other members in prestigious locations. Exchanges and dining discussions are complimentary, whilst you receive a 10% discount to Signature Events.
  2. Content Concierge: Stimulate discussion and bolster your thought leadership by posting your own legal news and access jurisdictional updates and technical content with complimentary access to Law.com International
  3. Team Leadership: Develop your leadership skills during our Mini- MBAs held at Oxford University and Harvard University
  4. Private Client Global Elite Directory: Enhance your profile, by referencing recent casework or linking to posted content on your firm’s website

What else?

  • The Global Elite also offers its members the chance to involve their Rising Star in a range of events throughout the year

The Global Elite masters the details and introductions that even the best business development departments may struggle to replicate

Joining The Elite family

Membership is by invitation only. Please enquire by emailing Helen Berwick.

The Global Elite is a place of simplicity, elegance and honesty, where members can congregate to set the world to rights within beautiful gastronomic restaurants and Leading Hotels of the World.


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