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December 05, 2023 | The Legal Intelligencer

People in the News—Dec. 5, 2023—Rubin Glickman, Saxton & Stump

Matthew T. Wilkov, a partner at the Lansdale law firm of Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg and Gifford and a retired U.S. Army Reserve lieutenant colonel, served as a panelist at the Montgomery Bar Association's "The 'Business' Side of the Law" CLE seminar.
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December 05, 2023 | The Legal Intelligencer

PLW People in the News—Dec. 5, 2023—McNees

McNees Wallace & Nurick fiduciary litigator Kendra D. McGuire was appointed chair of the Pennsylvania Orphans' Court rules committee, effective Jan. 1, 2024.
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December 05, 2023 | The Legal Intelligencer

'Tew': A Primer on Post-Confirmation Bankruptcy Jurisdiction

During the course of their bankruptcy case, the debtors filed a second plan of reorganization (the plan), in which they referenced a potential and unliquidated claim against an entity known as "ED&F Man." Although this "claim" was also listed on the debtors' schedules, no version of the plan or disclosure statement specifically identified the defendant by name or explained the nature of the claim the debtors intended to assert against this entity.
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December 05, 2023 | The American Lawyer

Trial Firms Starting to Match or Exceed Big Law Salary, Bonus Scales for Associates

Litigation boutiques and other small firms compete for the same top law students as Big Law, so they are likely to move to the new, higher market salary and bonus scales for associates.
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December 05, 2023 | Delaware Law Weekly

Bayard Director Presents on ABI Winter Leadership Panel

Bayard restructuring director Ericka F. Johnson spoke on a panel on Dec. 2, at this year's American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) Winter Leadership Conference held in Scottsdale, Arizona.
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December 05, 2023 | New York Law Journal

The Well-Intended Human Rights Violation

Regardless of intent, residential real estate professionals, owners, and landlords in New York could be violating New York's complex human rights law. Here, attorney, Cori Rosen, the expert human rights attorney at Rosenberg & Estis, along R&E members Gary Rosenberg and Ethan Cohen, explore the obligations of real estate professionals, and the best ways to mitigate exposure to opportunistic litigation.
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December 05, 2023 | New York Law Journal

'Kerson v. Vermont Law School'

In 1993, Kerson and the Vermont Law School entered into an agreement for Kerson to paint two murals on the walls of the upper level of the Chase Community Center. During the summer of 2020, the law school's president received a petition demanding the removal of the murals. Kerson sued the law school, seeking a preliminary injunction enjoining it from placing panels over the murals, invoking his rights under VARA.
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December 05, 2023 | New York Law Journal

Protecting Children of Divorce Against Weaponized Social Media, Part 3: How Automatic Orders Against the Use of Harmful Social Media Offer Protection for Children

In this three-part series, Gus Dimopoulos uses recent decisions such as Kassenoff v. Kassenoff and Walsh v. Russell to discuss the detrimental effects of social media on children in divorce cases and the importance the above rulings have on protecting children of divorcing parents. This final part looks at what's being done to stop harmful content at its source, and how the New York court administration should make the benefits of recent holdings available to all divorce litigants and their children through standing, automatic orders precluding disparaging posts about the parties and their children.
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December 05, 2023 | New York Law Journal

Religious and Disability Accommodation Requests Post-COVID—and Post-'Groff'

This article explains the current legal landscape employers face in evaluating requests for accommodations on the basis of religion or disability by explaining the recently announced standards for assessing requests for religious accommodations and summarizing the longstanding standards for assessing requests for disability-related accommodations.
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December 05, 2023 | Daily Business Review

Workplace Terminations About to Spike—Tips Employers Should Consider Before Dismissing Workers

Historical statistics show that more layoffs and discharges occur in December and January than any other time of the year.
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