Step Aside, Gentlemen. Women in Law Schools Take the Lead

Women now dominate in law schools. Representing 50.3 percent of the J.D. students enrolled in American Bar Association-accredited schools, women number 55,728—the highest total since the ABA started keeping track of gender numbers in 1963. Back then, just 3.7 percent of law school students were female.

It seems fitting, then, that one of the nation’s most elite institutions, Yale Law School, has named its first-ever female dean, a signal that the time is ripe for female empowerment in academics. Meanwhile, other women working in law schools are bucking pay and hiring trends that they see as favoring their male counterparts. They’re also fighting for women’s rights, transgender equality and safety on campuses. At the same time, some of the most powerful women in law are returning to legal education, either for a new career or to make a brief appearance to inspire young legal minds.

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