Welcome to the new Recorder, part of the new law.com network!

We’re excited to share improvements we’ve made to the way we present news, analysis, and insights from our team—and from across the network of ALM legal magazines, journals and newsletters.

If you’re looking at this on your phone or mobile device, you’re already experiencing one of our biggest improvements, a responsive design that allows for easier viewing and navigation of our offerings. The new site also makes it easier for us to link directly to video and audio offerings, including Ben Hancock’s podcast “Unprecedented,” which focuses on technology, the law, and the future of litigation.

Our new publishing platform will allow you to see the big stories of the moment as well as other recent coverage from all of our reporters. There’s no more need to send the law firm librarian a note about tracking down that article you saw a week or two ago. We’ve also made it easier to find and follow the topics that matter most to you. You’ll see those topics on all of our article pages, along with a view of the stories trending with users across our sister publications.

We’ve gone about making these improvements with a couple things in mind:

First, lawyers today rarely have the luxury to stay in one lane over the course of their career–or even a single workday.

Second, the profession is under a lot of pressure and is changing rapidly.

Our reporters and editors talk to lawyers like you every day. We know it’s more important than ever that you stay on top of developments across multiple areas of interest: there’s your practice areas or legal specialties; there’s our local professional community and legal network; and there’s the companies—both household names and fledgling startups—that make this such a vital place to work and live.

Please take a few minutes, look around the site, and let me know what you think.

Ross Todd

Bureau chief, The Recorder