Rosemarie Ring of Munger, Tolles & Olson represents such household names as Facebook Inc., ESPN, LinkedIn Corp., and Snap Inc. in high-stakes litigation over privacy, publicity rights, biometrics, and online advertising.

Who’s the best leader you’ve seen in action and why?

My partner, Carolyn Luedtke, because of her unbounded, unqualified, and unwavering positivity. It inspires!

What piece of advice do you have for young lawyers in tech?

Always think of yourself as a problem solver.

After the events that have rocked Silicon Valley this year, are you more or less hopeful about the prospects for women in the tech industry?

Definitely more hopeful. Like any tough issue, advancement of women in the tech industry requires action, action requires acknowledging there is an issue, and most people now acknowledge there is an issue and are focusing on how to address it.

If I weren’t working in tech, I’d be …

Applying for Andy Cohen’s job on Bravo TV.

If I could change one thing about working in tech, it would be …

Feeling like the least cool person in the room during client meetings.

The No. 1 issue that keeps me and my clients up at night is …

A breakdown in communication between the brilliant engineers who come up with the great ideas we all love and the lawyers who support them to make sure those great ideas don’t result in legal issues down the road.

—Ross Todd