Lawyers, like a lot of people right now, are thinking about New Year’s resolutions and how to improve their lives in 2018. As a wellness consultant who works with Big Law attorneys, I’ve found that getting them to move more and eat better is easy. Their A-type personalities motivate them to exercise and watch their diets. But when I talk to them about managing stress, I often get pushback. They don’t see the need to address it, claim that they don’t have the time or are skeptical about the effectiveness of ways to reduce it. But there are simple, scientifically proven ways to manage stress that can take as little as one minute each day.

Belly Breathe  Your diaphragm is your best friend when it comes to breathing and calming your central nervous system. This guide from the Cleveland Clinic is a good place to start.

Stand up, Move and Stretch  We sit too damn much and it causes chronic muscle tightness, stiff joints and poor breathing habits. Stand, stretch and walk around at least once per hour. Here are some of my favorite shoulder, hip, neck and total body stretches.

Meditate  The goal is to try to quiet the mind and relax the body. We’re rarely 100 percent successful, but it can be done anywhere, anytime for as little 60 seconds. Here are some helpful tips.

Go for a Walk  If you are sitting at your desk, stressed about a deliverable and you find your energy and problem-solving levels are low, get up for a few minutes and walk around, ideally outside.

Put Your Feet in Grass  Keep an open mind and check out this info.

Put Down Your Devices  Your iPhone, iPad, laptop and any other devices that emit blue L.E.D. light are jacking up your “fight or flight” mechanisms. Not a great thing to do when you are stressed or before bed. Check out this post for more details.

Try a Power Pose  Take a look at this Ted Talk from Harvard Business School professor and researcher Amy Cuddy. Become your own superhero!

Try 1 of the 12 Pillars of Nutrition Pick one of the 12 Pillars of Nutrition and try it for a month to start your journey to eating “mostly” clean.

Get 10 Minutes More Sleep  Sleep deprivation completely messes with our body’s de-stressing, memory compiling and hormone cycling functions. If you are under-slept try getting just 10 more minutes/day to start seeing some noticeable improvements.

Purify Your Air With Plants  Check out this article for some excellent suggestions, based on NASA research, on what plants to put in your home and office to improve your health and naturally reduce stress.


Jonathan Jordan is a personal trainer at Equinox in San Francisco. His clients include lawyers at Nixon Peabody; Keker Van Nest & Peters; and Morrison & Foerster.