David Faigman, Hastings College of the Law
David Faigman, Hastings College of the Law (Jason Doiy)

JuriLytics wants you to borrow peer review from science to strengthen your hand in court.

The company, started by UC-Hastings law professor David Faigman and Amit Lakhani, an electrical engineer and computer scientist, aims to improve the quality of scientific evidence. They created a system to connect litigators with scientists to help shore up legal arguments and attack those of opponents.

The service also is available to courts looking for an independent expert. Bottom line: This isn’t a way to find another expert witness, but rather a service that provides independent review of expert testimony.

The peer-review process, JuriLytics asserts, can help defend against a motion to exclude an expert and give ammunition to challenge an opponent’s expert.

JuriLytics chooses experts who are top academics and represent “the mainstream scientific community.” In terms of assuring neutrality, the experts are selected using a “double-blind,” that is, the experts don’t know which side they are on.

As for cost, it can be $2,000 per independent review, with a recommended three reviews for best results.

Faigman says the service would be useful in a variety of litigation areas, such as products liability, toxic torts and medical malpractice.

The service has already proved valuable to one court. Judge Anthony Mozingo, who presides over a trial court in Mississippi, appointed JuriLytics in a large civil case that dealt with accounting standards. “The legal system affords few opportunities for self improvement, but Amit and David found one,” Mozingo said. “Their efforts will yield a new way to evaluate proposed expert evidence.”

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