The Cal Law 25: 2009 Edition
If 2008 was a roller coaster, early 2009 has felt like a freefall, with the national economy in tatters and firms nationwide laying off hundreds of attorneys and staffers. This year’s Cal Law 25 reporting combines a look at 2008’s results with a forward view of 2009’s deep challenges for the firms leading the California market.

Early 2008 Results: The Bay Area
Flat is the new up for Bay Area firms.

Early 2008 Results: L.A. Snapshot
Los Angeles’ largest firms brace for a lean 2009 amid concerns that falling demand may hit larger firms the hardest.

Pillsbury Manages Level Year
We have financial results for another S.F.-based firm: Very slight dips in gross revenue, PPP and RPL are pretty good news, says Chairman Jim Rishwain. His secret: Early attention to cost-cutting.

The Cal Law 25: Firm by Firm
We rank the leading law firms in California, and provide a snapshot of their 2008 financial results.

2007 Results Pages
Our look at California numbers for 2007, including the Cal Law 25 rankings.