Charles E. Weir and Kate M. Hammond of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips have stepped in to defend Outform Inc. CEO Ariel Haroush in a pending lawsuit alleging fraudulent conduct. The case was filed May 6 in California Central District Court by LevatoLaw LLP on behalf of SpinTouch Inc., which contends that Outform and Haroush made false representations regarding the capabilities of a temperature monitoring kiosk in an effort to profit off the COVID-19 pandemic. The case, assigned to U.S. District Judge David O. Carter, is 8:21-cv-00840, SpinTouch, Inc. v. Outform, Inc. et al. This suit was surfaced by Radar, a source for high-speed legal news and litigation updates personalized to your practice. Radar publishes daily updates on just-filed federal cases like this one. Click here to get started and be first to know about new suits in your region, practice area or client sector.

Read the complaint here: