Robert Tyson Robert Tyson, founding partner and strategic managing partner of Tyson & Mendes.

In a quest to continue on a rapid growth trajectory, civil defense firm Tyson & Mendes has launched a new program to help its lawyers pay back student loans and save for their family’s future education costs.

Tyson & Mendes, which started with 12 lawyers in 2011, has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. Just last year, the San Diego-based firm went from 80 lawyers to 130.

Managing partner Robert Tyson said the education initiative aligns with the firm’s hiring strategy, but it’s also a reward for its existing attorneys.

“The main reason is to attract top talent and to recruit really excellent attorneys,” he said. “And then what we realized as we were rolling this out to attract talent is that it is something we should do for our current attorneys who have been loyal to us for years.”

The firm is working with Gradifi, an employer-based student loan repayment provider, to implement the program. According to Tyson, the firm plans to contribute $10,000 over five years of gradually increasing monthly payments toward the student loans of eligible attorneys, or the same amount toward 529 college savings plans for their loved ones.

“It is our expectation and our hope that we get 100% participation from all of our 140-plus lawyers,” Tyson added.

Tyson & Mendes now has a total of 10 offices across six states throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Washington and Florida. Tyson said he expects to open a new office in Orange County in the next two months, which will be the firm’s fourth in California.

“We would like to double the size of our firm in next two years,” he said. “This is just one step we are taking to attract the best talent there is in California and beyond.”

So far, Tyson & Mendes has grown most significantly in California. Earlier this year, its Los Angeles office moved to a new space at West 7th Street in downtown LA as it grew from seven to 29 attorneys. The firm also has 17 attorneys in San Francisco and 61 attorneys in its San Diego headquarters.