A man claiming he was entitled to bigger chunk of the proceeds from a settlement in the Diet Drugs MDL has been denied for failing to proving he suffered a severe enough heart condition as a result of taking Phen-Fen.

Claimant Miguel A. Larrieu argued that the trust governing disbursement of benefits “merely accepted the conclusions of the auditing cardiologist and ignored the evidence that claimant presented,” according to U.S. District Judge Harvey Bartle III of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Bartle, however, said, “We reject Mr. Larrieu’s argument that his claim should not be reduced because the level of his mitral annular calcification, if any, is ‘relatively minute or insignificant.’ The settlement agreement specifically provides that a claimant will receive reduced matrix benefits for a mitral valve claim if he or she is diagnosed by echocardiogram with mitral annular calcification.”