Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Photo: ESB Professional/Shutterstock

Aiming to broaden and preserve its immigration practice, Fox Rothschild’s Pittsburgh office has acquired two immigration lawyers and absorbed their boutique firm.

Kristen Schneck and Mark Harley, owners of Schneck & Harley Immigration Law Group, have joined Fox Rothschild as partners, the firm announced Tuesday. They are bringing with them their staff and a satellite office in Muncy, Pennsylvania, where they meet with clients in the northern part of the state. All of their clients are coming with them as well, Harley said.

“We had grown in the four years we were together, and this was the next step to bring our practice to a very reputable firm with a national presence,” Schneck said.

Fox Rothschild’s immigration practice is focused on corporate matters, Schneck said, in which  she and Harley both have experience. But she has also handled immigration court matters with an emphasis on Spanish-speaking populations, dealing with removal and deportation, and Harley works with individuals and families, as well as on immigration-related employment and family law issues. They also work with small businesses and startups, Harley said.

Fox Rothschild managing partner Mark Morris said the firm’s immigration practice in Pittsburgh is significant and consistent, but needed some young lawyers to carry on the practice in the future. Robert Whitehill, who chairs the firm’s immigration group, is based in the Pittsburgh office. Pittsburgh partner Catherine Wadhwani focuses on immigration law as well.

We felt we needed to bring in some people who were specialists in the area who could maintain the practice going forward,” Morris said. “They’re younger and they should be able to help us sustain the practice we have in that office.”

Morris noted that Schneck and Harley will likely help the practice expand in Pittsburgh, given their own niches in immigration law.