In the Legal’s Personal Injury supplement, read about motor vehicle insurance limits, improving compensatory damage discovery and how to effectively present evidence to millennials.

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Has Understanding Intersecting Legal Disciplines Become a Basic Requirement of Competency?

In the legal profession we are tasked with being intimately familiar with the ways that different areas of law interact with each other. The mastering of interdisciplinary practices is an essential element in providing effective representation to our clients.

Pennsylvania Minimum Motor Vehicle Insurance Limits Behind the Times

After a long day at the office, having a home cooked meal with your family is the perfect remedy. Unfortunately, the person operating his car behind you went out drinking after work, had too many drinks, and crashes at full speed into the back of your vehicle.

Improving Compensatory Damage Discovery in Personal Injury Matters

So you have a dispute matter that involves an injury to a person who claims to have been wronged in some way. What is the case worth from a compensatory damages perspective?

Personal Injury vs. Workers’ Comp: Understanding the Differences Is Essential

A single incident can often result in a variety of claims and available benefits. Consider a car accident, while a person is “at work”

How to Effectively Present Evidence to Millennials, an Important Subset of Jurors

In the paradigm shift of digital transformation, communicating with millennials becomes a tool for personal injury attorneys in effectively arguing to a jury.