In the midst of a growing controversy over the prison sentence rapper Meek Mill received for violating probation, the judge who handed down the unusually harsh sentence appeared on Friday to grant the rapper a new bail hearing. Only it turns out she never did.

According to a spokesman for the court, an entry on the docket for the rapper, whose real name is Robert Williams, setting a bail hearing for Nov. 27 was a clerical error.

The announcement, however, came after numerous publications picked up on the docket entry and reported that Williams was expected to be in court before Judge Genece Brinkley at 9 .m. the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Williams’ case has garnered significant media attention after Brinkley last week sentenced the hip-hop star to two to four years of incarceration after violating his probation. Williams, who has been on probation since 2008, was arrested twice this year.

The sentence came as a surprise because neither the prosecutor, nor Williams’ probation officer, had asked for prison time. However, the bigger surprise came the next day, when New York attorney Joe Tacopina, one of the rapper’s lawyers, made statements to the press that Brinkley had imposed the harsh sentence because she was “enamored” with Williams and had acted inappropriately in handling the case.

Those allegations were made part of the official record earlier this week in a motion asking Brinkley to recuse. However, numerous Philadelphia-area attorneys recently told The Legal they thought the brash tactics of Williams’ legal team might do more harm than good to his case.