The team at McGuireWoods. (Photo by Laura Mares)
The team at McGuireWoods. (Photo by Laura Mares) ()

Read about legal field growth, a millenial’s perspective on lateral moves and who made it on The Legal’s top laterals list for 2016.

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Top Lateral Hires of 2016
Our top 10 lateral moves of the year included leaders in specific industries or practice groups, as well as some name partners or former firm leaders. Life sciences and white-collar practices were especially hot. Read more

More Notable Laterals: The Runners-Up
Aside from the list of top lateral hires, a number of attorneys made moves worth noting in 2016. Read more

Legal Growth Is Rooted in Lateral Recruitment
Will Rogers once said, “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” He was not talking about the legal industry, but his humorous quip is something that law firm leaders should be mindful of when they are developing their strategic plans because most industry analysts agree that the demand for legal services as a whole, which has been flat for several years, does not appear to be improving anytime soon. In fact, Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor Index (PMI) found that the demand for legal services was ­negative in the latter part of 2016. Read more

Swipe Right! Lateral Moves: A Millenial Perspective
The recent decline in law school enrollment has created an increased demand for lateral hiring, potentially giving millennials more bargaining power. Millennials considering a lateral transfer bring a whole new perspective to job changes. Law firms looking to boost their millennial ranks through lateral recruiting should be mindful of this perspective when approaching the bargaining table. Read more

What It Costs When Talent Walks Out the Door
You might think, given all the lateral moves in Big Law, that unceasing turnover is an unavoidable cost of doing business. After all, the business model of elite firms is built on attrition. The vast majority of firms don’t even quantify the cost of turnover. Read more