Read about surveillance evidence, manufacturer responsibility in autonomous vehicle cases and piercing limited tort with a ‘soft tissue’ injury in The Legal’s Personal Injury supplement.

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Production of Surveillance Evidence in Personal Injury Cases
As the defense attorney in any personal injury case, at some point you will need to decide whether you want to retain an investigator to observe the plaintiff. There are many factors to consider. Read more

Interconnectedness and Manufacturer Responsibility in Automated Vehicles
Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” is here. Automated technology is transforming the consumer products industry. Watches, appliances, cars, jet engines, drones and mobile medical devices are all part of the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Read more

Negligence, Negligence Per Se and the Filing of an Amended Complaint
In Echeverria v. Holley, 2016 PA Super 119, 142 A.3d 29 (Pa. Super. 2016), the Superior Court addressed a number of important legal issues involving Pennsylvania negligence law. Read more

A Three-Step Guide to Piercing Limited Tort with a ‘Soft Tissue’ Injury
Contrary to common belief, a soft issue injury can constitute a “serious injury.” While many insurance companies, and even some plaintiffs’ lawyers, believe that a soft tissue injury cannot pierce limited tort, the notion is simply not true. In fact, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania has determined time and time again that a soft tissue injury can constitute a “serious injury” and pierce limited tort. Read more