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The Legal’s Insurance Law supplement includes articles on liability issues involving drones, IP claims under “advertising injury” and navigating through the “additional insured” endorsement.

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Game of Drones: Liability and Insurance Coverage Issues Are Coming
Originally a tool developed exclusively for military operations, drones now hover at the horizon of widespread commercial application. Drones delivering online purchases and monitoring traffic are yesterday’s news; small and large businesses are now exploring the feasibility of using drones for such varied tasks as providing emergent medical services, waiting tables, providing wireless internet access, and inspecting industrial sites. This explosion of drone use brings with it a plethora of new liability exposures and insurance coverage issues. Read more

‘Selective Way’ Decision: A Catalyst for Increased Coverage Litigation
Insurance litigants in Pennsylvania—insurers and policyholders alike—have traditionally approached the determination of an insurer’s duty to indemnify an insured with respect to a third party action with the understanding that the question of indemnity may be adjudicated via a declaratory judgment action subsequent to an adverse judgment against the insured. Read more

CGL Policy Coverage of IP Claims Under ‘Advertising Injury’
A company can expect to accumulate significant costs in defending against claims for intellectual property infringement. Plaintiffs claiming violations are often willing to expend significant resources enforcing their rights given the central importance of intellectual property assets—whether patents, trademarks, or copyrights—to many companies. Read more

Defending Claims While Working Within the ‘Tripartite Relationship’
Navigation of the insurance defense counsel’s practice requires an understanding of the triangular relationship between the insurer, the insured and defense counsel. We commonly refer to this as the “tripartite relationship.” In order to understand how to approach difficult situations, such as defending claims under a reservation of rights and settling claims with or without the insured’s consent or contribution, a brief review of the attorney-client privilege and the rules of professional conduct is necessary. Read more

Navigating Through the ‘Additional Insured’ Endorsement
Allocating risk of loss is a vital component in a contract. Risk allocation clauses can be found in a multitude of contracts including snow removal, construction, landlord/tenant, transportation of goods or people, cleaning, maintenance, licensing agreements, product sales/distribution and equipment leases. The standard reaction is to draft an indemnification clause. Read more

‘Interrelated Acts’: A Vexing Problem for Policyholders
olicyholders seeking (and renewing) coverage under claims-made policies should be wary of provisions dealing with “interrelated acts.” Directors and officers liability insurance policies, for example, often contain “interrelated wrongful acts” provisions that typically provide that claims arising from interrelated wrongful acts are deemed made at the time the original claim was first made. Read more