Attorney General Kathleen Kane
Attorney General Kathleen Kane (AP Photo)

A recap of The Legal’s coverage of Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s criminal trial, conviction and sentencing, as well the preceding events. 

Ex-AG Kane Gets Jail Time for Perjury
Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania’s former attorney general, has been sentenced to 10 to 23 months in jail and eight years of probation for perjury, official oppression and related charges, after a jury found that she was guilty of deliberately leaking secret investigative information, then lying about it under oath.

Prosecution: Kane Deserves Prison for ‘Egregious’ Crimes
Prosecutors have requested consecutive prison sentences for Kathleen Kane, after the former Pennsylvania attorney general was convicted of perjury, official oppression and related crimes in August. Kane, meanwhile, has asked to be placed on probation, having been sufficiently “humbled and embarrassed” by her convictions.

House Arrest for Ex-AG Kane? DA Objects
Kathleen Kane’s prosecutors said Friday that sentencing the former Pennsylvania attorney general to house arrest, rather than prison, would be “inappropriate.”

Ex-AG Kane Asks for House Arrest Assessment
Kathleen Kane has told the Montgomery County judge overseeing her criminal sentencing that she is “an appropriate candidate” for house arrest, rather than more severe punishment. Her sentencing hearing is set for Oct. 24.

Kane Conviction Paves Way for Civil Suit Resolutions
With Kathleen Kane’s criminal trial behind her, the civil claims against her and the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General are likely to see movement in the near future.

Kane Gets New Lawyer for Sentencing
With her criminal trial behind her and sentencing a few weeks away, former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has hired a new defense attorney from Montgomery County.

Pa. Senate Confirms Beemer as Attorney General
The Pennsylvania Senate unanimously voted Tuesday to confirm Bruce Beemer as the state’s attorney general following his recent nomination by Gov. Tom Wolf. He was sworn in by Chief Justice Thomas G. Saylor.

Beemer May Not Be Able to Avoid Releasing Email Report
If Bruce Beemer is confirmed as Pennsylvania’s attorney general this week, as expected, he will not be tied to the policies and priorities of his recent predecessor, Kathleen Kane. But public opinion may force him to continue certain initiatives, namely an ongoing investigation of state officials’ email traffic, as he works to restore stability at the Office of Attorney General

Wolf Nominates Beemer as Attorney General
Just hours after Kathleen Kane’s resignation became effective and Bruce L. Castor Jr. took over as acting attorney general, Gov. Tom Wolf has nominated Bruce Beemer, formerly Kane’s first deputy, to fill the role until a newly elected attorney general joins the office in January.

Castor to Take Over OAG as Kane Turns Toward Appeal
Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced her resignation Tuesday afternoon, setting the wheels in motion for the Office of Attorney General to move on from years of ­dysfunction as she turns her attention to appealing her criminal conviction. But, as her successor, Bruce L. Castor Jr., said at a press conference, some of the mess Kane left behind won’t be so easily wiped away.
Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has announced her resignation, effective Wednesday, on the heels of her criminal conviction. She was found guilty Monday of two felony counts of perjury and seven misdemeanors for leaking grand jury documents to a reporter and lying about it under oath.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has been found guilty of all charges, including two felony counts of perjury.

‘Sound Strategy’ for Kane Defense to Rest Without Witnesses?
Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane said Aug. 12 she did not find it necessary to testify on her own behalf in her criminal trial, as the ­defense rested without calling any ­witnesses in a move that defense attorneys said aligns with the argument that the government failed to meet its burden.

Kane Defense Rests Without Witnesses; Closings Set for Monday
Attorney General Kathleen Kane said Friday morning she did not find it necessary to testify on her own behalf in her criminal trial. The defense rested without calling any witnesses.

Consultant Says He Helped Kane Leak Documents Despite Doubts
In testimony at Attorney General Kathleen Kane‘s criminal trial Thursday, political consultant Joshua Morrow, who allegedly helped Kane leak secret grand jury information, explained his doubts about Kane‘s plan and his frustration about her request that he help with the leak.

Kane Trial Testimony Highlights Friction in OAG Over Leak
Several current and former Office of Attorney General employees, ­testifying Wednesday at Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane‘s ­criminal trial, recalled feelings of shock and anger when they read a June 2014 news article about an investigation of former NAACP leader J. Whyatt Mondesire.

Prosecution Frames Kane‘s Grand Jury Leak as Act of Revenge
Revenge and retaliation were at the root of Attorney General Kathleen Kane‘s alleged leak of grand jury information and her ensuing cover-up, prosecutors argued to the jury Tuesday as her criminal trial began.

Witness List in Kane Trial a Who’s Who of Pa. Politics
Jury selection in Attorney General Kathleen Kane‘s criminal trial provided a peek into the list of potential witnesses, including a number of Pennsylvania attorneys.

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