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The federal judge handling the NFL concussion litigation clarified Thursday that she has issued no new rulings in the case.

An order filed earlier this week reiterated her January opinion that denied preliminary approval to the $760 million settlement agreement reached by the National Football League and the former players who sustained various types of brain injuries while they played for NFL teams.

In January, U.S. District Judge Anita Brody of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania had ordered the parties to divulge the data on which the settlement had been based because she wasn’t convinced that there would be enough money to cover all of the former players, which could number as many as 20,000.

The short, one-sentence order issued this week had prompted some plaintiffs lawyers in the case to speculate that the judge was underlining her January opinion.

However, she clarified that it “was not a new decision by the court, but simply a housekeeping and electronic filing entry of the same order the court already entered on Jan. 14.”

This week’s “order does not reflect any new ruling or new concerns by the court,” she said.

“The parties are continuing to work with the court and its special master to address the issues raised in the court’s order dated Jan. 14,” Brody said.

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