The following is a portion of a list of pro bono volunteers who assisted the Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts in 2012:

• Lisa F. Pliskin

• Gerard A. Plourde

• Manny D. Pokotilow

• Roslyn G. Pollack

• Scott Pollins

• Jennifer Lynn Porter

• Victoria Poulton

• Joseph A. Powers

• Christina Pron

• David B. Pudlin

• Eileen Quigley

• Ken Racowski

• Erin Randolph-


• David M. Rapoport

• Larry Rappoport

• Elizabeth Ray

• Kevin P. Ray

• Catherine C. Raymond

• Martha F. Reilly

• Bradley D. Remick

• Bernard M. Resnick

• Jessica Richman

• Dwayne A. Ritchie

• Rachel Robbins

• Joe Roberts

• John T. Robertson Jr.

• Jennifer Lynn


• Joseph Ronan

• Heather Rose

• Harris Rosen

• Matthew G.


• Marla Greenspon


• Derek Ross

• Alexander W. Ross Jr.

• Christopher A. Rothe

• Jason Rozes

• Joseph C. Rudolf

• Todd J. Russo

• Lynn Rzonca

• Kourosh


• J. Erik Sabo

• Juliet Sarkessian

• Michael D. Schaff

• Mark C. Schultz

• Scott B. Schwartz

• Jeffrey A. Seder

• Jordan Segall

• Stephen A. Seidel

• Gabrielle Sellei

• Joseph Serritella

• David G. Shapiro

• Kelly D. Shapiro

• Paul R. Sheehan

• Joseph D. Shein

• Carol Sherman

• L. Arsinoe Shook

• Virginia Sikes

• Michael G. Silver

• Adam M. Silverman

• Rick Simins

• John Simmons

• William S. Skinner

• Richard Slavin

• Edward Smith

• Loretta F. Smith

• Philip Smith

• Richard Smolen

• Marla Soffer

• Howard M. Soloman

• Adam Solow

• Thomas H. Speranza

• Joel R. Spivack

• Gayle C. Sproul

• Nicholas J. Staffieri

• David Stark

• R. Philip Steinberg

• Kevin Stepanuk

• Kathleen Stephenson

• Andrew Stern

• Steven T. Stern

• Brody C. Stevens

• Paul M. Stillman

• John Stinson

• Olivia H. Stoner

• Christopher F. Stouffer

• Kyle Strache

• Wayne R. Strasbaugh

• Lisa Strauss

• Frederick Strober

• Brian Sullivan

• John Sullivan

• Joseph Sullivan

• Gregory Wayne Sutton

• Thadeus Suzenski

• Richard S. Swartz

• Mark Szubiak

• Gary Tannenbaum

• Joan Tarka

• Heather Tashman Fritts

• Christopher Taylor

• Richard Teitell

• Bradley Terebelo

• Jere G. Thompson

• M. Kelly Tillery

• Margaret M. Tomaska

• Jeffrey Toner

• Kimberly S. Toomey

• Ralph F. Touch

• Robert Tuleya

• Kevin Tuliszewski

• Michael W.


• Heidi A. van


• John Vassalotti

• Ronald J. Ventola

• Maxim Voltchenko

• Philip R. Voluck

• Neal D. Walters

• John R. Washlick

• Brian J. Watkins

• Nycole Watson

• Qiana Watson

• Raheem Watson

• Robert R. Watson Jr.

• Seth Weber

• Stephen J. Weed

• Marc Weinstein

• Norman Weinstein

• Ralph Wellington


Former death-row inmate Nate Fields and attorney Marc Bookman, director of the Atlantic Center for Capital Representation, are set to speak at 5:15 p.m. Wednesday at Drexel University’s Earle Mack School of Law.

The event is sponsored by the National Lawyers Guild, the American Constitution Society and Drexel’s student bar association.


Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young partner Mark E. Chopko served as a panelist for "Emerging Issue: State Jurisdiction Over Religious Organizations" at the 2013 Charities Regulation Policy Conference, hosted by Columbia Law School in New York.

Chopko is chair of Stradley Ronon’s 30-attorney nonprofit and religious organizations practice group.

Howard Kurman and Craig Turet, principals at Offit Kurman, participated as presenters in the "Contracts and Commercial Law CLE Institute," conducted by the Association of Corporate Counsel, Delaware Valley chapter.

The topic of their presentation was "The Mounting Risks in Utilizing Expansive Restrictive Covenants."

Rick Grimaldi and Lori Armstrong Halber, partners in the Philadelphia office of Fisher & Phillips, presented a labor and employment law update at the Human Resources Association of Southern New Jersey.

They discussed what to expect in the way of legislation, executive orders, enforcement directives and union activity.

Elected and Appointed

Community Legal Services and Philadelphia Legal Assistance elected a new slate of officers and two new members to their joint board of directors:

• Michael D. LiPuma, chairperson.

• Arlene Rivera Finkelstein, vice chair.

• Robin Blumenfeld Switzenbaum, secretary.

• Michael Bomstein, treasurer.

• Marilyn Heffley, board member.

• Kay Kyungsun Yu, board member.

• Marjorie Jackson Crowder, community member of the PLA board.

William A. Denmark, managing financial partner of Jacoby Donner, is set to succeed Henry J. Donner as managing partner.

Denmark joined the firm in 1986. •