The following is a portion of a list of pro bono volunteers who assisted Philadelphia VIP in 2012:

• Odia Kagan

• Edward Kaier

• Amit Kakkar

• Joseph Kampherstein

• Aaron Kamsler

• Nazim Karaca

• Christopher Karras

• Barak Kassutto

• Jennifer Kates

• Samantha Kats

• Sarah Katz

• Lauren Katz Smith

• Jad Kazan

• William Keffer

• Brya Keilson

• Alan Keiser

• Katherine Kelton

• Holly Kendorski

• Rusty Kennedy

• William Kennedy II

• Jonathan Kerman

• John Kessler

• Jessica Khan

• Ryan Kilmer

• Melissa Kim

• Min-Sun Kim

• Patricia Kim

• Lindsay Kim Chung

• Christine Kimmel

• Jessica King

• Megan King

• Jay Kivitz

• Elizabeth Klaproth

• Margaret Klaw

• Matthew Klebanoff

• Lana Kleiman

• Kenneth Kleinman

• Zoe Klugman

• Patricia Knopic

• Jennifer Knox

• Patrick Kocks

• Steven Koffs

• Bernard Kolodner

• Elinore Kolodner

• Paul Koob

• Anu Koodathil

• Bernice Koplin

• Kevin Koscil

• Eric Kotloff

• Stephen Kovatis

• Ronald Kovler

• Michael Krantz

• Brian Krase

• John Krawczyk

• Evan Krick

• Anna Krishtul

• George Kroculick

• Shirley Kuhlmann

• Nanda Kumar

• Jacquelyn Kunkel

• Andrew Kupchik

• Daniel Kurland

• Michael Labovitz

• Rachel Labush

• Sayde Ladov

• Anthony Lagreca

• Patrick Lamb

• Thomas Landis

• Marcie Landsburg

• John Langan

• Bridget Lankford

• E. Daniel Larkin

• Graham Laub

• Suzanne Laumakis

• Wendy Laurento

• Julie LaVan

• Timothy Law

• Francis Lawall

• Denis Lawler

• Monica Lawrence

• Anne Lazarus

• Mark Lazuroff

• Susan Leahy

• William Leahy

• James Lebovitz

• Jason Leckerman

• Bernard Lee

• Harrison Lee

• Ivan Lee

• Joy Lee

• Matthew Lee

• Michael Lee

• Sophia Lee

• Kenneth Leichter

• Stephen Leitzell

• Judy Leone

• Jason Lerner

• Anna Lesovitz

• Brian Levin

• Christine Levin

• Howard Levin

• Matthew Levitsky

• Allison Levy

• Allyson Levy

• Jeremy Levy

• Mark Levy

• Kathleen Lewis

• Lurena Lewis

• Sekou Lewis

• Liberty Abstract


• Rachel Licausi

• Alan Lieblich

• Ilya Lipin

• Benjamin Lipman

• Leanne Litwin

• Karen Loewenstein

• Brian London

• Isla Long

• Adam Longenbach

• Greer Longer

• Gabrielle Lopez

• James Lorusso

• Aldie Loubier

• Tamara Lougherty

• Pamela Loughman

• Jennifer Lowes

• Daniel Luccaro

• Robert Lukens

• Diana Lumia

• Douglas Lurio

• Margaret Lurio

• C.J. Lyford

• Denise Lynch

The Jenkins Law Library is set to be closed February 18.

It is scheduled to reopen February 19 and resume normal business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday hours are 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For more information, go to


The Philadelphia Marriage License Bureau, with the Court of Common Pleas and the Municipal Court divisions, are set to sponsor the 11th annual Valentine’s Day Wedding Extravaganza on Thursday.

The 2013 Valentine’s Day ceremonies are scheduled to take place at noon in Courtroom 653 of City Hall. The ceremony will begin with opening remarks from Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judges Holly J. Ford and Pamela Pryor Dembe and Municipal Court President Judge Marsha H. Neifield.

The participating judges are expected to perform marriages for approximately 45 couples.

Elected and Appointed

U.S. Ambassador Martin J. Silverstein, senior counsel in Greenberg Traurig‘s global and corporate and securities practices, was named a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania.

Silverstein served as U.S. Ambassador to Uruguay from 2001 to 2005. He also serves as a trustee of the Public School Employees’ Retirement System.


David Q. Jones, assistant counsel with Health Partners of Philadelphia Inc., is presenting "The ABC’s of Obamacare" to the Keystone Bar Association today.

The CLE program is being held at the Dauphin County Bar Association‘s offices in Harrisburg, starting at 11:30 a.m.

Patrick J. Murphy, former U.S. congressmen, veteran and litigation partner with Fox Rothschild, is joining other military leaders for a discussion on civilian national service today at the Aspen Institute in Washington, D.C.

The discussion is part of the Franklin Project, a new initiative of the Aspen Institute.


Former N.J. Superior Court Judge Evan H. C. Crook rejoined Capehart Scatchard as a member of the government affairs department in its Trenton, N.J., office.

Crook focuses his practice on governmental, administrative/regulatory and complex litigation matters.

Erica Sharf-Abramson joined Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads as an associate.

Sharf-Abramson concentrates her practice in commercial litigation and real estate. •