Recently, a colleague, another woman lawyer, another former law firm partner, pointed out to me how a story line on the TV show, “Ted Lasso,” resonated with her experience as a lawyer and woman of color. And, as I realized, it resonated with my experience as a woman lawyer too.

Ted Lasso—a show about an American college football coach managing an underperforming English soccer club—shines a spotlight on the real, interpersonal conflicts we face in the workplace in our struggle for success both as individuals and members of an organization. The relevant story line is about the relationship that evolves with the sports psychologist, Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, who is hired by the soccer club to assist the struggling players. Coach Lasso attempts to woo Fieldstone with playful banter and biscuits, but, as Fieldstone reveals her undeniable competence in treating the players and wields her power over the locker room, Lasso turns uncharacteristically hostile and dismissive—at least for another episode or two.