The U.S. Supreme Court justices return from their annual summer vacation to an exciting docket. Most of the popular attention will focus on the legality of state restrictions on abortion, but the justices will decide interesting questions in several other areas of law:

Constitutional Law—First Amendment:

  • Carson v. Makin (1st Cir.)—whether a state violates the First Amendment or equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution by prohibiting students participating in an otherwise generally available student-aid program from choosing to use their aid to attend schools that provide religious instruction.
  • City of Austin, Texas v. Reagan National Advertising of Texas (5th Cir.)—whether the city of Austin’s distinction between on-premise signs, which may be digitized, and off-premise signs, which may not, is a facially unconstitutional content-based regulation.
  • Houston Community College System v. Wilson (5th Cir.)—whether the First Amendment restricts the authority of an elected body to issue a censure resolution in response to a member’s speech.