Year 2020 was the of year of corporate promises: a year of public statements of support, a year of corporate America pledging racial and gender equity and real and sustained changes, and a year of donations to social justice causes. One year later, where are we? Are we any closer to meeting these promises or do they remain unfulfilled?

In a recent Fortune Magazine article, “Companies Will Need Courage to Keep Their Promises on Race,” published on June 2, 2021, the author, David Craig, notes that in all of his conversations with Fortune 500 CEOs, all seem genuinely motivated to lead their companies to be more representative of their communities. “They are reconsidering their hiring practices, challenging unconscious bias, and reaching out to minorities in and outside their organizations.” Craig posits, however, that while the numbers of diverse executives and managers are improving, there will not be broad changes without public and shareholder scrutiny, which comes from disclosure. “What gets measured, gets managed.”