Renowned for out-the-box thinking, the team at the firm developed an interactive land use and zoning tool that utilizes Philadelphia’s open-source data to draw valuable and helpful information specific to a real estate project and development. Whether it is information about zoning classification, pending zoning bill, the Zoning Board of Adjustment decision, or any other market factors in regards to specific properties and neighborhoods in Philadelphia, people can have access within a few clicks away. Nochumson P.C. understands the importance of having an intimate knowledge of the neighborhood where anyone is looking to build, sell, and establish a business. With the tool, Nochumson P.C. provides up-to-date data and a plethora of information that can be used to assess where a certain neighborhood stands now and what it might look like in the upcoming years.

The tool also allows monitoring and studying recent zoning permit requests and approvals to give a sophisticated analysis of current conditions and changes on the horizon. Additionally, with the pertinent information provided by their tool, real estate agents, developers, or even small business owners can make more data-driven decisions on where to invest their money, get answers to questions on potential pushback from neighbors, or learn how the neighborhood has reacted to similar projects.