Buying a house involves property, tax, and banking and finance law. You may also end up with construction or land use issues. Eventually, we will all run into trust and estates. Rental agreements are shaped by the Landlord Tenant Act, as well as fair housing, utility and consumer credit laws. For those organizations that seek to develop affordable rental housing, you’ll likely encounter issues from the list above—and likely add some or all of the following: corporate law; criminal law; employment; energy and infrastructure; environmental law; family law; and immigration law.

Funding to construct or rehabilitate affordable housing includes an understanding that attorneys must be involved and includes funding for legal fees. Unfortunately, this same understanding is not part of the consumer experience. Securing the “bundle of sticks” that comes with owning a home or the subset that comes with renting is very difficult for people who do not have the funds to pay market rates for housing and for those who lack the financial resources needed to pay for private legal counsel.