Meek Mill Meek Mill. Photo: Kathy Hutchins/

Philadelphia defense lawyer A. Charles Peruto Jr.—who was recently caught on tape appearing to badmouth his client, Judge Genece Brinkley, the trial judge presiding in the Meek Mill case—is seeking to have the recordings destroyed so they cannot be used in an upcoming documentary series about the hip hop star turned criminal justice reform advocate.

Peruto filed a notice of his intent to sue Amazon Digital Services and Roc Nation last week. Roc Nation and Amazon are co-producers for the planned documentary. The complaint, which was filed with the court Wednesday, alleges the defendants violated the state Wiretap Act.

The suit stems from an audio recording taken during the filming of a documentary about the hip hop star that was later leaked to The Philadelphia Inquirer. In the audio, Peruto can be heard saying, among other things, that Brinkley’s conduct “looks fucking awful.”

Peruto has contended that he made the statements off the record, after he believed the camera had been turned off.

Read the complaint here: