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In The Legal’s innaugural Cannabis Law supplement, read about intrastate regulations, cannabis and banks, and the impact of medical marijuana on the workplace.

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The Cannabis Industry: A Financial Services Catch-22

U.S. banks exist to provide financial services to the community they serve. Bank charters are granted and continuously monitored by regulators to ensure that banks fulfill the needs of their communities.

State-Legal Cannabis: How Intrastate Regulation Is Different

The sale of cannabis is illegal under federal law in all 50 states, U.S. territories and U.S. possessions. Yet, as of May 1, 29 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam and Puerto Rico recognized the legality of marijuana in some form (raw or processed) and for some purpose (medicinal or adult-use/recreational).

Cannabis Banking Is a Matter of Public Safety

Let’s say ABC LLC applied for and was granted permits to grow, process and dispense cannabis pursuant to its state’s medical marijuana regulations. ABC now operates a 120,000-square-foot cultivation facility and sells its cannabis-related products, which include THC and CBD vape oils, tinctures and pills, through three dispensaries.

Medical Marijuana and Workers’ Comp: Answers to Some Burning Questions

Medical marijuana has come to Pennsylvania and by extension to the commonwealth’s injured workers. What image comes to mind?

Cannabis and Banks: What Qualifies as Illegal Activity?

Many legal issues arise out of financing cannabis activities, not the least of which is whether a target property for a cannabis venture is mortgaged by a bank. The standard institutional mortgage contains language that allows the mortgagee to “call” the loan if the property is being used to conduct “illegal activity.”

‘PharmaCann’ Tests Delicate Balance Between Federal, State Marijuana Laws

More than 30,000 patients have signed up for the program and are now receiving medical marijuana from 12 grower/processors at the 14 dispensaries that have been approved and have opened across the commonwealth.

Pa. Marijuana Program to Double in Size While Neighboring States Look to Compete

On April 5, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PADOH), Office of Medical Marijuana (OMM), which oversees the commonwealth’s medical marijuana program, initiated phase II of its licensing process.

Medical Marijuana and Its Impact on the Workplace

As a labor and employment law attorney, when it comes to medical marijuana, the question I am most asked is “what does medical marijuana mean for our workplace and/or our drug-testing policies?”