Pennsylvania State Capitol. Pennsylvania State Capitol. Photo credit: Zack Frank/

Two state senators say Pennsylvania’s Municipality Authorities Act needs to be amended. Their memo proposes term limits, prohibitions of who can serve on boards and establishing penalties for not submitting annual reports and audits.

In a memorandum issued by Sens. Kim L. Ward, R-Westmoreland, and Patrick J. Stefano, R-Fayette, they say they’ve seen some water and sewer authorities use “questionable practices.”

Their proposed reforms include setting a two-term limit on appointments to local authority boards with board members only serving until their successor has been appointed. They seek to amend the law with a ban on local municipal employees serving on the board of any authority that also services the municipality they work for. They also state their legislation would prohibit an authority’s management company from employing “certain family members” of authority board members or the authority’s management-level employees.

According to the memo, their legislation would require the municipal authority to maintain a website that along with other information include rate information, board member names and terms and current contracts and vendors of the authority.

Ward and Stefano also said municipal water and sewer authorities must establish penalties for failure to submit annual reports and audits to the Department of Community & Economic Development.

— V.H.