Fort Worth Attorney Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk

The Texas Law Hawk is back, and now he’s being incredibly careless with fireworks.

Fort Worth criminal defense attorney Bryan E. Wilson blew up the internet in October 2015 when the young, mini dirt-bike riding lawyer launched his first television ad in which he yells his trademark “TEXAS LAW HAWK!” and other gems like “DUE PROCESS, DO WHEELIES!” causing nearly 2 million people to giggle on YouTube.

Millions more were exposed to America’s Loudest Lawyer in 2016 when Wilson’s antics were featured in a Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial.

And now the maximum-volume attorney has some safety tips for enjoying explosions in a new commercial he’s launched just ahead of America’s loudest holiday.

“Don’t shoot fireworks near cars, churches, hospitals, schools, gas stations, other structures, OR ME!!!!!” screams Wilson in his new commercial, as the besuited lawyer endures a barrage of firecrackers, bottlerockets and cherry bombs.

“Follow these rules and you’ll be safe like me!” Wilson yells, as he likely becomes the first attorney in the United States to mark a Fourth of July holiday by running across a field wearing a giant hat made of exploding fireworks.