screenshot of ABC's Bachelorette 2017 page.

Rachel Lindsay, the Dallas trial lawyer starring on “The Bachelorette,” sent home six bachelors during a two-hour episode of the reality TV show Tuesday night—including the last lawyer standing among the bachelors.

Six men, including Adam, a real estate agent in Dallas, are still vying for Lindsay’s affection and wore red rose boutonnieres on their jackets when Episode 6 ended. Lindsay spurned Josiah, a prosecutor in Fort Lauderdale, and Anthony, an education software manager from Chicago, during the first rose ceremony in the episode, which was the second two-hour show of the week. Later, at a second rose ceremony, Lindsay sent home Alex, who works in information systems in Michigan.

More dramatically, during a tense two-on-one date, Lindsay rejected Lee, a songwriter from Nashville who had made comments that concerned some of the black bachelors. Lindsay also said adieu to Will, a sales manager from Miami, during a one-on-one date in Sweden after he failed to show much passion for her.

Kenny, a pro wrestler who had secured a rose during the two-on-one date, ultimately later decided to leave the show because he missed his daughter back home in Las Vegas. After a discussion with Lindsay about the status of their relationship and his daughter, she suggested he should go home. “He’s such a good guy,” Lindsay said about Kenny.

The pool of Lindsay’s potential husbands shrunk by a total of nine men this week. Lindsay, an associate at Cooper & Scully, sent home three men during Episode 5, which aired Monday. One of those was Dallas lawyer Jack Stone, who had taken a leave of absence from his associate job at Winstead to appear on “The Bachelorette” but is no longer at the firm.

Episode 6 started with high drama during Lindsay’s two-on-one date with Lee and Kenny, who had been at odds for days after Lee told Lindsay that Kenny acted aggressively toward him. Previews for the episode, which featured Kenny wincing from a cut near his eye and blood dripping down his face, suggested Kenny and Lee would get into a fist fight in front of Lindsay while the three of them were alone in the Norwegian wilderness. But it was bait-and-switch editing by ABC, because Lindsay and an unscathed Kenny flew off in a helicopter, leaving Lee sitting alone in a chair on a field. Kenny got the cut on his face the next day while “battling” with Adam during a competition to become the “Viking of the Day.”

After sending home Anthony and a truly shocked lawyer Josiah during a rose ceremony, Lindsay and the remaining bachelors traveled from Norway to Denmark, where Lindsay went on a one-on-one date with Eric, a personal trainer in Los Angeles, that included time in a hot tub and lots of laughing and (no surprise) kissing. “He is so happy and free and fun, just a person who enjoys life,” Lindsay said about Eric.

On a group date in Denmark, Lindsay and seven men had a session with Tom and Morton, who promised to transform all of the bachelors into Vikings. Of course, to do that, the men had to don Viking costumes and then circle each other in a ring battling it out Viking style. The competition ended in a face-off between Kenny, the pro wrestler, and Adam, the last Texan among the bachelors, with shields and swords. Tom and Morton declared Kenny the “Viking of the Day,” but both men got cuts on their faces.

The next day Lindsay traveled to Sweden on her one-on-one date with Will, but she sent him home during dinner after he did little more on the romantic side than hold her hand. Lindsay didn’t hide her disappointment, saying she had “high expectations” for a relationship with Will. She said saying goodbye to the men is not easy.

“I really underestimated how hard this would be,” she said.