Police, firefighters and other public workers in New York City now have the chance to land a free ride at New York Law School.

Administrators have announced the Public Service Scholarship Program, which will pay full tuition to three public servants next fall and half-tuition scholarship to 12 more.

The program is the brainchild of dean Anthony Crowell, who worked for the New York City for 15 years before assuming the law school’s top leadership position in 2012. Most recently, Crowell was a counselor to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The school’s "rich history of diversity in the classroom has included students from law enforcement, the fire department, and all areas of government," Crowell said. "It is just one of the many elements that makes NYLS ‘New York’s law school.’ This scholarship builds on that theme and will help our finest, bravest, boldest, strongest, and most talented public servants advance their careers in the greatest city in the world."

The scholarships are open to public workers at the city, state, or federal levels, and recipients may attend either full time or part time. Recipients will be selected based on their Law School Admission Test scores, their undergraduate grade-point averages and a "dedicated commitment to community service."

"With the creation of this scholarship program, New York Law School is making a sound investment in the uniformed workforce of our city by helping increase the education available to our members," city fire commissioner Salvatore Cassano said. "The more education and training our members receive, the better we can fulfill our duty to protect all those who live in and visit New York City."

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