Tony Buzbee, founder, The Buzbee Law Firm, Houston
Tony Buzbee, founder, The Buzbee Law Firm, Houston (Tom Callins)

If former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, President Donald Trump’s nominee to serve as Secretary of Energy, wins confirmation on the floor of the U.S. Senate, he will not be taking Tony Buzbee with him to Washington, D.C. Buzbee is a well-known Houston plaintiff lawyer who showed he can adeptly switch up assignments when he led Perry’s victorious criminal defense team. But he won’t be moving to energy.

“To address whether I will have a role in the Energy Department: No. I am very happy with my current job, and, frankly, given my lifestyle, wouldn’t be able to afford the pay cut to work for the government at this point in my life,” Buzbee wrote in an email.

Previously, Buzbee also played host to a Trump campaign fundraiser, but then after the “Access Hollywood” tape, in which Trump talked about grabbing women’s genitals, surfaced, Buzbee recanted his support for the Trump campaign.

In contrast, Buzbee has consistently had Perry’s back. In February 2016, Texas’ highest criminal court dismissed a case against Perry, who was indicted in 2014 on charges of abusing his power while in office when he allegedly threatened to halt state financing of an anti-corruption unit controlled by the Travis County district attorney and sought her resignation.

“I have no doubt Governor Perry will be a great Energy Secretary. I’ve spoken with him several times and know he is excited and prepared for the job.,” Buzbee wrote.