U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore has written a book of humorous essays, a novel and a coloring book. Her newest book is the story of the close friendship she and four other women built over 30 years with bestselling author E. Lynn Harris, who died from heart disease in 2009.

Gilmore published “Lynn’s Angels—The True Story of E. Lynn Harris and the Women Who Loved Him” this week. It’s available as an e-book, and she said it includes more than 200 photographs, along with videos.

“It touches on the whole concept of voluntary kinship and how people will come together to serve as family for people in a way that I think meets the needs that they have when they become adults,” Gilmore said.

Gilmore said Harris called the group of five women “Lynn’s Angels” because they became his family. She said the book describes how “important and significant” those relationships can be. Gilmore said she and the other women see each other at least once a year, even though they are spread out through Atlanta, the Netherlands and Washington, D.C.

Gilmore said she met Harris in 1977 through a friend, and they became so close over the years that he was a godfather to her son Sean, and he lived for a time near Gilmore’s home in Houston.

“This book was so special because he was just a special part of my life. I really want to tell this story,” she said, noting that she finds time to write when her middle-school-aged son goes to bed.