To the Editor:

In the Sept. 30, 2013, edition of the Texas Lawyer, Jim Boeckman suggests three questions to ask before making a job change [See " Three Questions to Ask Before Making a Job Change," page 30]. May I suggest there is an equally important fourth question every lawyer should ask before changing jobs: “What insurance coverage will I have to cover possible claims arising from legal representation occurring at my old firm?” This question is critically important when the old firm may not be around with its own insurance policy for any claim that arises in the future.

Lawyers often assume they have nothing to worry about merely because they are immediately included on the new firm’s insurance policy. There are, however, numerous situations where a lawyer can find himself/herself with no insurance notwithstanding having contributed to the payment of insurance premiums on an uninterrupted basis for years.

Coyt Randal Johnston


Johnston Tobey