Dear Reader,

On Aug. 23, Texas Lawyer will be launching its new digital membership offering. This new membership level is in response to our reader's requests and shifting habits on how they utilize digital devices.

A digital membership will allow you to share stories across your social network — whether it is with a client, a colleague, or member of the court — without the previous concern that the recipient wouldn't be able to read the article because s/he wasn't a current subscriber of Texas Lawyer. Additionally, the digital membership will allow you to read up to five articles per 30 day period, from one of our other award-winning premium sister-publications (like The American Lawyer, the National Law Journal, or Daily Business Review) at no charge.

When this program is launched, you'll notice a few changes to the site. For instance, you'll no longer see the red keys next to premium content, as the digital membership program makes this irrelevant. Additionally, you'll notice that articles in our digital newsletter that originate from our sister-ALM publications will now link back to those publications, and at the top of the page you'll see "a back to Texas Lawyer" frame.

All current subscribers and registrants will automatically be awarded a digital membership and I encourage you to try to it. We at Texas Lawyer are very excited about this new digital offering and welcome your feedback (


Cathy Collins
Texas Lawyer