Should men be gagged, tied up, and forced to take paternity leave? Maybe so—if women are to have any shot at career success and true equality.


"They need to discover how wonderful it is to spend time with their new baby," says a female associate at a Wall Street firm. "And if you really want them to take equal responsibility at home, fathers should get the same paid leave as new moms."

You might think it’s too radical/intrusive/ridiculous to give fathers the same leave benefits as mothers who go through pregnancy and childbirth. But it would certainly send a signal that child rearing is (or should be) a joint endeavor and not the primary domain of women. (Paid parental leave for both sexes is now common in Big Law, though men generally don’t get the same paid 12 weeks or so that’s now typically offered to women.)

But what red-blooded male would risk the stigma of taking parental leave? Wouldn’t they be worried about being perceived as career wimps—particularly in a give-it-your-all profession like law?