Get Smart About Noncompetes
In-house counsel should keep their eyes peeled for other market players’ noncompetition agreements, writes Alan Bush. Understanding how noncompetes work can bolster the company’s efforts to recruit the skilled, experienced employees that other companies in the industry can’t retain.

Take a Hard Look at Policy Manuals After NLRB Decisions
Social media provides a number of ways for employers and employees to get crosswise. But Art Lambert writes that in-house counsel can help their companies navigate this fast-changing area of the law, even as recent National Labor Relations Board pronouncements are called into question.

When the ‘Harlem Shake’ Bumps Against Workplace Policy
Lately, there’s been a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on. The "Harlem Shake," that is, and it’s a dance that in-house counsel should be thinking about, writes Shannon Green.